“We enrolled our son, Frank, at Ivy Hedge in September, when he was 16 months old. He hadn’t been in daycare yet, due to a great deal of medical issues during his first year. We were worried, at first, like all parents are, but Miss Melissa and her staff were so caring and accommodating. The size of the school, and the health and safety practices that are in place, really made us feel safe, especially during the current health climate. Because of Frank’s pre-existing conditions we were told by his health practitioners to expect that he would have delays, especially in speech. Well, by Thanksgiving, after just a few months at Ivy Hedge, Frank was counting to ten! I’d like to say we taught him that – but I never thought a 1 and half year old could count! Frank is now 20 months old and he counts to 11, knows all of his colors, sings multiple songs, says please and thank you, and takes his own dishes to the sink! Frank has blown all of his development goals out of the water. All the credit goes to Miss Carly, Miss Nuelcy, and the teachers at Ivy Hedge. We couldn’t be happier with our choice to send Frank to Ivy Hedge. It truly is a special place.”

  • Jaime Miccuci 

“I had both of my children spend a total of 6 years at Ivy Hedge. I can unequivocally say that they could not of had a better preschool experience. When I was first shopping around for schools, I knew I wanted a warm and nurturing environment. I found that and more at IH! Melissa is a wonderful woman who was welcoming, accommodating, kind, smart and supportive. That trickled down to all the teachers and aides as well. The program was educationally rich, engaging, multi-sensory, and everyone was very aware of development. My kids felt safe and secure, and as a mom that comfort is priceless. My second child was diagnosed with Down Syndrome prenatally. I can clearly remember crying because I assumed she wouldn’t be able to go to Ivy Hedge like her brother. One day Melissa looked at my belly and said, I can’t wait till she is old enough to come here. I went home and cried again- but this time happy tears. Melissa was welcoming of my daughter and willing to do almost anything to make it work. I never felt like a burden and always felt welcome and accepted. Attending IH allowed my daughter the type of inclusive experience that is contributing to her academic and social success in Kindergarten this year. It was a gift to our family and one we will never forget. We are forever grateful to Melissa and our Ivy Hedge family for the impact they have had on all our lives.”

~ Jennifer Robertson

“Dear Ms. Kerry, Ms. Candy & Ms. Judy,

Thank you for a year I know Micky will remember. He has learned so much and has truly loved going to school this year. I was constantly amazed at your ability to have a smile on after a long day with lots of boys. I know that he has made amazing friendships and has always felt confident and loved when going to school. I am going to miss driving to Ivy Hedge, it has been a part of our family for 3 great years.

We will remember all the times he came home excited to tell me about his science lesson, excited about his Alphabet book and his fun in Candyland. He enjoyed hip hop and music. He loved gym with Ms. Jaime too. Mickey has not shed a tear since the first day of orientation in Ms. Ellen’s class. Once he realized this was a safe, fun learning environment he hit the ground running.

Ms. Cindy & Ms. Missy you have really taken care of us and our family throughout our time here. We have had some days we needed to rely on you more than others and you have always been there to help and always kept Mickey safe when I needed not worry. I will never forget that!

Thank you again for all your love and support!”
~ Amy, Bryan & Mickey McGovern

“So sorry this is so late, but I did just want to say thank you to every one of the staff members at Ivy Hedge. We have had such an amazing experience during the 2 years Olivia has been here. She wakes up every morning excited to go to school and if it is not a school day, she is so disappointed. That is how I want my daughter to start her school experience. She comes home with stories about things she has done and learned, about her teachers and the things they have shown her. I am amazed at the things my 5 year old knows sometimes.

Shenever has a bad day because she just loves being there. Even when we see her struggling to learn or do something, we see with the attention of the Ivy Hedge staff, she is able to overcome that struggle and she never feels like she is failing in that process. To me as a parent, that is a success!

So thank you to all the teachers and staff who have given her the right start in her education. You have made it fun and now she can’t wait to go to Kindergarten in the fall!”

~ Colleen Shanley

“This was our first year sending Brandon to ivy hedge and we couldn’t have had a better experience. He woke up every morning so excited to go to school. Everyday when I picked him up he told me everything he had done that day in school. We are amazed at how much he learned throughout the year. Brandon talked about his teachers all of the time and how much he loved them. Thank you for a wonderful year and being great teachers. Brandon will miss all of you a lot. Karen and Stu Newman

Oh how I don’t know where to begin. Ivy hedge has been priceless. Entrusting someone else with your child is as big of a choice a mother or father has to make. I started sending my kids to ivy hedge on the recommendations of other moms I knew sending their kids to ivy hedge. I knew grant was going to have a hard time seperating from me and they all told me Ellen was the best. It was a long year of years every morning. But as soon I picked him up he would say “mommy I had a great day”. That was all I needed to hear. The next year was a bit rough as well. The one thing that never waivered was the dedication of your staff to make both me and my child feel safe and cared for. The teachers have done it all and seen it all. I love them and will miss them. Sometimes at drop off they would read my expressions and ask if everything was alright. Their level of dedication is off the charts. Your staff is part of my family and we will miss them. I am so thankful you and your staff has been a part of our lives. It really is a testiment to you and how you run your business. There are not enough thanks. Just know that I will send anyone to you I ever come across that needs a pre school.”

~ Much love, Colleen Gryta

“While leaving school today i felt myself getting choked up as my 2nd son will be my second child to graduate ivy hedge. all i could think of was how much he loves going to school everyday. it’s hard to believe we walked in the doors of ivy hedge only 3 short years ago. the teachers have made me feel so welcome that i feel like i’m a part of the woodwork. they truly care about the kids and still ask me how my oldest son is doing. through the year the teachers have asked me who we keep in touch with and send their regards to, what i refer to, as the “hedge crew.”

When i asked sam who he wanted to have a play date with over the summer, the list was so long it would be easier if we all just stayed here at ivy hedge. it’s almost unbelievable to find a school in which the kids all get along so well and the parents enjoy seeing each other at drop off and pick up.

My kids have made some wonderful friends here. sam will miss seeing all of you everyday. and lucky for me i get to come back in september when my 3rd son starts in the beginners room.”

~ thank you, and have a great summer Fran Nudelman

Ben & Samantha’s Ivy Hedge Top 10
10. Making our alphabet books with Miss Judy
9. Playing bingo with Miss Lauren when Miss Kerry was in Florida
8. Eating lunch with Miss Kerry
7. Making the “roar” dinosaur books with Miss Candy
6. Learning to gallop, skip, and jump with Miss Jamie on the playground
when the little kids weren’t there.
5. Singing “Zippity Doo Dah” and “De Colores” with Miss Maria
4. Watching the butterflies fly away in the Secret Garden
3. Getting the “greatest stickers in the whole, wide world” from Miss Cindie
2. Going to NYC to the museum with everyone
1. Having the nicest teachers any child (or mom) could ask for

Mommy’s Ivy Hedge Top 10
10. my children are in the best hands
9. my children are having a great time
8. they will be ready for Kindergarten
7. they are learning not only reading & math, but science, music, dance, Spanish art, and more
6. the teachers will communicate with me everything I need to know about my child’s day
5. there is always a special party, trip, project, etc. that my kids can’t wait to participate in
4. I have priceless videos of the Beginner’s Graduation, the Circus, the Pow-wow, and the upcoming Pre-k graduation
3. when my children are sick, they tell me how much they miss their teachers
2. my children are making lasting friendships
1. I can’t thank you enough for providing this positive environment. My children have developed a love for learning that will continue (and I have proof) :)”

~ With love- Lisa, Ben, and Samantha

“From My Heart:

What sets Ivy Hedge apart is the way in which the Ivy Hedge team treat the children as individuals. Each child has their own unique personality, interests and ways that work for them. While preschool is a place where children must learn routines and protocols to prep them for the years ahead, it’s also critical to their early development that pre-school is a place where they can begin to figure out how to be individuals while being a part of something bigger. It’s where their love for school begins, and it’s the teachers can make or break that experience. I can say, in each year of my son’s education at Ivy Hedge, the director and teachers at Ivy Hedge have “made” this a wonderful learning and growing experience. Ivy Hedge is a place where real learning happens, where a love of learning is inspired through fun for each individual child – laying a wonderful foundation for the entry into kindergarten.”

~ Thanks, Nicole Smack

“Melissa, I’d like to send my heart felt thanks to all the Pre-k teachers as well. Each one has helped to shape my daughter into the most amazing little person. Isabella’s enthusiasm for school was built at Ivy Hedge and all the teachers and staff have made each day a learning experience that’s not only fun, but engaging.

We will never forget how kind, patient and loving the Ivy Hedge staff has been over the years and I feel it was well worth every penny to invest in the best possible start for our child.

I look to her future and see a love of science, math and nature from Miss Kerry…a strong foundation for reading and writing from Miss Judy…and a passion for art from Miss Candy with her most compassionate heart.

Anytime I’ve ever had a concern, it was addressed with professionalism and grace and I always felt she was in the best possible care. I am proud to be part of the Ivy Hedge family and happy to have Isabella as an alumni child.”

~ Forever in our hearts, Christina Galbornetti and family Class of 2013

“Ivy hedge has become Ryder’s second home. He is always so happy to go off to school in the morning and see his friends and amazing teachers each day The staff at ivy hedge has always treated my children as if they were their own. Knowing their own special quirks and helping me so much with anything I needed. I am sad to see Ryder’s time here has ended, he has really grown up here. I am happy to see he is now prepared and ready for kindergarten, thanks to each and everyone that has nurtured him. I am also happy bc I don’t have to say good bye just yet and I still have another year here w mason, bc I don’t think I am ready to leave yet either! Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for my children. It is beyond anything I could have expected.”

~ Love, the Ansell family

“Where do i even begin with a thank you to everyone that has taken such great care of Gerard for his last year at ivy hedge. Let me start with Miss Candy who always has a smile for everyone, especially my crazy little boy who likes to sit right next to her. You always made him happy when he was in your room in the morning. He loved making all his art projects that he proudly displays around our home. Miss Kerry you have taught him so much especially about how caterpillars turn into butterflies which in turn gave us all a refresher because he loved sharing what he learned from you. Miss Judy you were lucky enough to have him not only for the morning but every afternoon. He loved learning from you and came home with so many new facts about animals and turtles that he shared with us and when we asked where did you learn that the reply was usually, “Miss Judy, silly.” Miss Brittany, i am so thankful that you enjoyed Gerard’s humor like we do because he definitely comes out with some funny stuff. Last but not least what would my boy do without his Miss Cindy! You were his momma bear that he knew he could run to for comfort and of course a blankie! You have all gone out of your way to make sure he is loved, happy and safe. I appreciate everything you all have done to make my son flourish and i thank you for that more then you know.”

~We will miss you greatly. -The Spellmans

“To all the patient staff at Ivy Hedge,

I wanted to write you a thank you for all you have done for Thomas throughout his four years at Ivy Hedge. Thomas started at Ivy Hedge when he was 19 months old. My husband and I were confident that we had chosen a place that could care for Thomas just like the care a mother could provide. His teachers throughout the years were always there to give him a hug when he walked through the door and greet him with smiling faces.

Miss Cindie, Miss Judy & Miss Kerry have helped Thomas to grow and learn this school year. They were always there for him when he needed something, like a bandage for a fall, a wipe of the nose, or a loving hug.

I am thankful for all that you do for our little ones each and every day, especially for Thomas. He has loved every minute of his times spent at Ivy Hedge and will miss everyone. I asked Thomas what he was going to miss about Ivy Hedge and he said, “Miss Cindie and my teachers.” I think that sums it all up.”

~ Love, Jaime Morin

“Dear Melissa Kopec and Staff: I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful year my son, Andrew Billy, has had while attending Ivy Hedge Preschool. This is due to the dedication and teaching of your staff. Andrew enjoyed all of the special holiday activities, playing with the class rabbit, meeting new friends, learning Spanish, and singing songs. Andrew now comes home singing all of the circle songs and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. I know Andrew has enjoyed the last year and will miss all of you greatly. Andrew was given this wonderful opportunity to attend Ivy Hedge through your generous donation to the St. Jerome’s annual Chinese Auction, your support of which was greatly appreciated.”

~ Sincerely, Corey, Bernard, and Andrew Billy

“When my first child was being tested before entering kindergarten, I couldn’t help but notice a friendly group of kids that were also going to be tested. As the teacher administering the test asked each child literacy and math questions, as well as questions relating to practical knowledge, these students exuded a confidence in their abilities that wasn’t noticeable in the other kindergartners. They knew the answers to the questions but also seemed self- assured in their ability to socialize and answer questions they seemed quite at ease answering. I decided to ask the group where they attended preschool and the whole group responded, Ivy Hedge. As soon as my youngest was ready for preschool, the answer was clear, “Ivy Hedge”. My daughter loves her teachers and is learning through excellent instruction and curriculum and of course, “tender loving care”. She has developed into a confident young person that is eager to learn, have fun, and get along with others.”

~ Maureen Heckman

“Both of our children attended all of the programs offered at Ivy Hedge, and we believe they had a much easier time acclimating to grade school because of their positive experiences there. The quality and compassion of the professionals that work there provided our children with a robust educational experience. This allowed them to grow a strong sense of self-assurance in a classroom environment coupled with fostering enduring social skills that will last a lifetime. We have and continue to recommend Ivy Hedge to all who are evaluating pre-schools for their children.”

–Michael O. – Oceanport

“We enrolled our daughter, Halle, at Ivy Hedge in 2007 in the toddler room. We selected Ivy Hedge based on their hours and proximity to our home, but were thrilled to find a loving, nurturing environment. Her teachers, Miss Judy and Miss Claudia were as loving to her as any of our family members. We then enrolled her in the Summer 2008 program and were delighted to find that each day was filled with activities…water play, playground, arts and crafts, projects and singing. We re-enrolled her Fall 2008 and she was placed with Miss Jena and Miss Sue. Again, they were loving and nurturing and in addition, provided an academically charged environment. Halle came home reciting Spanish, drawing circles and faces. She actually sat down at home on her own to complete unfinished worksheets from school.

This year, Halle is enrolled in the Pre-K program with Miss Candy, Miss Judy and Miss Kerry. We are incredibly impressed with the sincerity of the teachers and their commitment to providing an educational, yet creative and nurturing environment for the children. Halle is now learning Spanish, participating in weekly music and “gym” classes, can write her own name and recognizes letters, both visually and audibly. She brings home worksheets and creative projects every day.

Ivy Hedge staff has also been extremely accommodating and flexible in allowing Halle to stay late on occasion and even the extended day program is enjoyable for her. Her arrival and departure every day is met with enthusiasm; welcoming greetings from her teachers and special good-byes from Miss Cindy. Halle is thriving and happy at Ivy Hedge and, as a result, so are we!”

~ Sharon & Andy C. – West Long Branch, NJ